Jordan & Her Dogs

Jordan Biggs trainingWhen I started training dogs the training practice was much different. At that time it was choke chains, punishment and unhappy dogs. At that point, I thought to myself, “there has got to be a better way to do this!” That was when I started researching dog training and positive reinforcement and found some great people who helped teach me how to build behavior in dogs. It was then I realized that I had a talent for working with my dogs. I then continued to teach my dogs all the tricks I could think of and continued learning more about training dogs, which brought me to agility, my true passion.

Zanee Agility leaping dogMy commitment to learning and developing better training methods for myself and my students is a key element at Zanee Agility. I continue to attend seminars from top competitors, take online classes from top competitors, have read multiple books and watched dvd’s about agility, foundation, body awareness, conditioning dogs for sports, injury prevention, developing focus, jumping skills etc.. I am committed to being the best that I can be and bringing out the most I can in each of my students.

Jordan Biggs training via Zanee AgilityMy training, handling and classes are inspired by international competitors Silvia Trkman and Justine Davenport. I focus on trained skills that I can TRUST on course! I have been very fortunate to learn from many different people including Tammy Moody, Justine Davenport, Jessica Patternson and Desiree Snellman. I cant thank them enough for their support and encouragement throughout my agility journey!


My most powerful teachers have always been and always will be, my dogs. They have always given me the best feedback that I could ask for and have, in every way, helped me learn how to be a better positive trainer and handler in agility.

My Training Philosophy – I believe that agility and all training is about having fun with your dog! If your dog thinks playing with you is fun, then they will think agility is fun or coming when called or heel work or anything your you wanted to do. I have really tried to implement this in my training and agility classes.

Accomplishments - 2018 IFCS World Team Member - Kirbee (3 Years)

2019 US Open Games Champion - Kirbee

2019 US Open Speedstakes Champion - Kirbee

2019 EO Team Member - Kirbee

2019 EOTT First Place Round One - Kirbee

2020 EO Team Member - Kirbee

2020 EOTT First Place Round One - Kirbee

2022 EO Team Member - Riskee 

2022 EOTT First Place Round One - Riskee

2022 WAO Team Member With 2 Dogs - Kirbee & Pancake