Classes Overview

Puppy & Obedience Classes
All dogs need to develop socialization skills, appropriate greetings, good manners and focus to help build the foundation for the skills they will need to be “good dogs” throughout their life. Your dog will learn to recognize his or her name (it it doesn’t already!), come when called, walk loosely on leash, sit politely for greetings, settle and more!


Agility Classes
Whether you want to compete at the highest levels or want to do agility to have fun with your dog, this class will give you and your dog the best skills to be successful in any agility venue, at any level. Here you will learn agility from the ground up starting with foundation exercises to training and proofing each obstacle.


Online Classes
A very fun new class in the Zanee Agility program! The Tricks for Sports class is very beneficial for dogs going to or competing in ANY sport. We focus on strength building tricks, body awareness tricks, thinking skills tricks and more! Your dogs will learn to limp, hug a friend, put their toys away, do your laundry, sit pretty, handstands, and many more.


Private Lessons & Consults
You care about your pet but sometimes your dog doesn’t do well in a class environment or you can’t commit to a group class. Private lessons can be valuable in these situations, this is when we schedule a one-on-one lesson in your home or other agreed on location and a time that works for you. The lesson plan is developed just for you and your dog to meet your goals.

Multiple dog discount $10 per dog, per class!!!

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