a dog named Jazz (owner: Anne)

Jordan Biggs is a fabulous agility instructor. She is patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, and clear in her instructions. She has an open communication style, understanding that students come from many different backgrounds in agility handling, and yet she thoughtfully encourages students to consider different approaches. My dog, Jazz, is sensitive, sweet and fun-loving, but she didn't show much drive or motivation. When we started training with Jordan, we decided to back up and retrain some foundation skills like getting tighter turns on wraps, and getting better drive and speed through the weave poles and on the dog walk. We did this using fun and exciting drills that Jazzy loved to do. The difference in her performance is amazing—not only is she faster and more motivated, she seems to be having more fun! As Jazzy’s performance has improved, so has mine! Since working with Jordan, my handling has improved as has my connection with Jazz. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence and have become a better partner for my dog! Jordan brings fun, excitement, and a positive approach to our sessions. I highly recommend Jordan to anyone interested in agility training at any level.

Annie & Jazz

Gage practicing his "down on the table!" Gage is now 6 yrs and has progressed and learned so many new agility skills with Jordan's classes. Jordan has the ability to explain exercises and show you innovative ways to train that benefits both dog and handler. My husband is running Gage now and has really improved his handling skills with Jordan's help.

My puppy Hachi is making amazing strides in her puppy classes!

Classes are always fun and challenging!!

Connie, Gage & Hachi

We love agility! Chip our King Charles Cavalier and I stared agility classes with Jordan when he was just 6 months old and have loved it from the beginning. He is now just over a year and gets so excited each time we have class to see what fun games he gets to play! Jordan is a great trainer. She personalizes how she trains each dog and owner to their needs and abilities. She truly loves working with both the dogs and owners and her training has built up both Chip and my confidence in our ability to perform the various obstacles and bond as team. She has taught us to communicate, dog to human, on a whole new level! Like I said, we love agility! When we arrive at class, Chip jumps from the car and seeks out Jordan to jump into her arms and cover her with well deserved doggy kisses!

Cheryl & Chip

Training with Jordan is the Best! Jordan is smart, patient, kind, and boundless with enthusiasm. She is truly a gifted coach and dog trainer.

April & Dibs

Classes with Jordan have been incredible! I come from an obedience/flyball background, and am no stranger to the world of competitive dog sports. I have been wanting to, but hesitant to try agility for years. Finally, I bit the bullet and started classes with Jordan.

I loved it, my dogs loved it, and Jordan has been so amazingly accommodating (as have the class mates) to my toddler tagging along. It's been wonderful what I have been able to accomplish with my dogs, under Jordan's fun teaching style. She's always kept me motivated as a handler and set me up for success, while challenging me to be great. I'm an agility addict now, and will be taking classes from this talented instructor for years to come. Thank you for all you do Jordan!

Mandy, Addison, Sid, and Zen

I have 2 Aussies and a terrier mix at different ages and different training needs. We have been training with Jordan for about a year and I have seen huge improvements in my 2 older dogs, both in speed and fun factor. My youngest Aussie has started up with Jordan and she is showing that the Zanee dog foundation methods are working because her obstacle commitment and understanding is way beyond what I could have hoped for at this age.Jordan has been able to create a fun, relaxed and nurturing class atmosphere, while challenging students week after week to work through new courses and creative drills. She also always has an open ear for handling questions at events whether she is present or not. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in agility, newbie or seasoned handler.

Kat, Tofu, Queso & Pepper

I started taking foundation agility classes from Jordan when my great dane turned one.  I needed to find an instructor that not only used positive reinforcement techniques, but who also would take the size and age of my dog into consideration with the exercises that we were doing.  I told Jordan about my concerns with training a giant breed dog who was still growing physically as well as mentally and I felt that she didn't just pay lip service to my concerns, but really listened.  Throughout the entire time that we've been taking lessons with her she has been great about modifying whatever exercise we're working on to best suit where Miley was at mentally as well as physically on that day and helping me to trouble shoot our work at home.  I also greatly appreciate the amount of effort that Jordan puts into teaching the handling skills.  She fully explains what we're hoping to get out of each exercise, why we should do things the way we do and how to potentially tweak body movements in order to better communicate to our dogs what we're wanting them to do.  She does a great job of helping to build up all aspects of a great working agility partnership and has been a pleasure to have as an instructor!

Lindsay, Miley & Dom

I highly recommend Jordan Biggs as an agility instructor. She is one of the best instructors I have come across. I recently moved here from Arizona and was used to running NADAC trials. She has improved my handling skills tremendously, I now have an easier time making tighter turns, handling the backside of a jump and running courses of various venues other than NADAC. During the exercises, she really makes us think about the best way to handle an obstacle, has the student demonstrate how they think it should be handled, then Jordan will step in and either agree or demonstrate a better way to handle it. I usually have a difficult time positioning myself in the correct position but when Jordan demonstrates with her body movements, I am able to copy her and it feels great to be able to handle my dogs so much better. She really understands dogs and how they think and will react to the way a handler presents the obstacle and what the outcome will be. I especially like her positive attitude, which is a huge plus.

Kat, Jett & Kira